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walk about town

WillowIt's your neighborhood. All the familiar scents. Favorite spots to get biscuits. Friendly, familiar faces — and smells — wherever you turn. No chance to runaway, to not come when called.

While we at Doggie Daytrippers would love for all friends to go on our fieldtrips, we understand that some dogs just can't do it. If after the initial consultation, Young Fido doesn't quite understand why he has to return when called, we can introduce a bit of structure and pack-etiquette through our walks and then reassess at another time.

But, maybe playing well with others just wasn't on the list of things to do on your list. Maybe — you have issues with other four-legged (or two-legged, or rolling, or moving) friends. That's why we also offer solo walks.

All of our GROUP, SOLO or PEE-PEE walks provide a brisk cardiovascular workout, a stop by your favorite tree, a chance to say "Hi!" to all your friends, and a little nibbley snack.



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