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group actionIts marathon time. Its all the fun of our fieldtrips - but more! more! more!

These Daycare Field Trips are 5 to 6 hours out of the house ensure that there is no lounging about - no Labrador Couch Potatoes here! Daytrips guarantee at least 4 hours of off leash playtime.

does your active dog need more action?

We have action and more to satisfy ever the most energetic Vizsla or Weinmeraner in town!

needs to lose a few pounds?

Our daytrips are chockfull of cardiovascular workouts that put your spin class to shame! Between swimming and running; tugging and leaping — the pounds melt away with a toss of a stick.

Check out our photo gallery of locations and activities — seeing is believing how much fun we have! If your pup isn't up for a full day of hiking and is a small breed check out our Small Breed Doggie Daycare. It is an indoor facility located in South Boston........WE HAVE A NEW SMALL BREED DOGGIE DAYCARE NOW OPEN IN SOUTH BOSTON. TRANSPORTATION INCLUDED.WE HAVE FULL DAYS $30 WITH TRANSPORTATION AND $25 FULL DAY IF YOU DROP OFF AND PICK.


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