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b & b & b

campari and sleepover bagSome refer to it as pet sitting. Our canine guests just bark, "B & B & B." We know that to mean, "Bed - breakfast - and the bone!"

It's your party and you can snore if you want to - you can hog all the covers - you can sleep in late or wake up early! We adhere to your routine and dietary needs — whether its morning muffins at Appleton Bakery (like Campari, pictured right, enjoys) or high-fiber Kanine Krunchies and oat bran-organic vegetable purée.

You can stay at your house or come stay with us - whatever you choose, you have a full and busy day ahead of you!

If your skill and temperament allow it, after your night's rest you will enjoy a full day off-leash with your friends (read more about our DAYCARE trips.) Otherwise, there will be many adventures walking on-leash around your neighborhood.

While the parents are away - there is no time to be sad or glum. There's the familiar routine of home and pack mates, plus some special activities, to make their absence be okay. Maybe meditation class? Or how about a video and popcorn? More active - why not add some more fun and have friends join the party and stay over, too!

When you're allowed to go off-leash, it's time to have some serious adventures! In the dog days of summer, Doggie Daytrippers head to the mountains for cool hikes or to the beach for swimming and splashing. In the spring and fall months, wooded trails, grassy fields and babbling brooks are always a hit. And who doesn't love skiing and sledding in the winter? Why stay in the City doing the same old things when your parents are away? Pack your bags and join the fun!


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