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fieldtrips for puppies

If they're at home with you, and they have had all their shots, then, send them along with their friends!

Everyone loves a puppy. We do. The other dogs do. You do!

Everyone loves a mindful, well-behaved puppy even more!

it takes a pack to raise a pup

At Doggie Daytrippers, our fieldtrips reinforce the natural learning behavior of canis domesticus that they inherited from their ancestors, the wolf:

the welcome sight of a sleeping pup

A tired dog is a happy dog, remember?

Dogs get into trouble when they are bored: chewing, tearing up the house, tearing up your shoes, you name it, they've done. The best way to deal with their 'boredom' is to give them activities while you're at work or away or just can't give them the energy level that they need to become 'mellow'.

Let us, and your dog's canine friends, tire your Pup out! Check out these photos of younger dogs at play.

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