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the senior dog (7 years +)

Just because they eat food marked "senior dog," doesn't mean their play days are over!

Older dogs need to keep limber, trim and active. They have the same socialization need as their younger cohorts. Plus, being older, they know what a fun day should be like and expect it!

but sometimes they snarl at the puppies

If they sometimes act 'cranky' towards the young and frisky, it doesn't mean that they are any less happy to be there with the young scamps! This is how dogs communicate with each other; the older dogs let the younger ones know what behavior is acceptable — and not acceptable — thereby ensuring pack harmony.

The youngsters learn their place in the pack — the dog way.

meet some other seniors

Meet some of our mature clients — they not only enjoy (and demand!) their fieldtrips, but they also show the younger ones the ropes! Something to make them proud of - a full day's work!

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