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philosophy of dogs (PhD)

Jenny and Dudleytreat all dogs with the respect that they deserve

Whether the dogs are young or old — Labs or Pugs — shy and reserved or effervescent and outgoing — we at Doggie Daytrippers treat them as the bright, intelligent, sensitive individuals that they are. Individuals who have their own preferences, their own skill levels, their favorite games. At Doggie Daytrippers, we listen to the dogs — we watch how and who and what they play with — and we cater to their likes and dislikes while matching our activities to their needs and skill levels.

a tired dog is a happy dog

Living in the city is wonderful for dogs and their human companions - so long as everyone's needs are met. That's why we believe "a tired dog is a happy dog - and happier owner." When you come home after a long day at work, you can quietly relax with your dog knowing that he has had a long day "at work", as well.


Judy and Willowa well-socialized dog makes a good city-neighbor

Doggie Daytrippers foster an environment of good canine citizenship for our city friends and neighbors. Dogs learn from their peers, and as the pack leader, we set an exemplary role for them to follow.

a dog-etiquette primer

Dog-etiquette is just one of the things we instill in our charges: a paw held out in friendship; kindness to all regardless of size or species; keeping our environment clean for all to safely enjoy.

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